Scotland has been voted the world’s number 1 mountain biking destination by the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA). One of the main reasons for this has been the development of purpose-built trails...

A tradition of cross country riding has existed in Scotland that pre-dates the appearance of mountain bikes. Many lonely glens have paths and tracks that extend over remote passes to further delights on the other side and the Studio Hoose is ideally placed with many trails accessible from our doorstep. Routes can take the more adventurous through magnificent scenery and past many historic sites. The choices are limited only by your imagination and how far you want to go.

And you don’t need to be an expert! It is a joy to experience the freedom that cycling brings. We never underestimate the child-like pleasure of simply being out in the great outdoors riding a bike.

Whatever your current fitness level, using a mountain bike during your Studio Hoose holiday will improve it and add a valuable dimension to your hard earned free time. So bring your bikes and enjoy fresh air, the best scenery in the world and a fantastic selection of routes close to our front door.

Experiences & Delights

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